Our web address, www.PEPnonprofit.org, is exactly what we are. The Positive Engagement Project is a non profit organization created by teachers for teachers!

PEPnonprofit is equipped with a variety of tools for teachers to get their students positively engaged in active learning.
By providing these services to schools and districts, PEPnonprofit will play the part of educational consultants, WITH ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE.

Monies collected from trainings and workshops will be funneled back to schools and students by PEPnonprofit.

In a nutshell: We have exposed a loophole in the system. By providing brain-based, researched strategies to schools and districts, PEPnonprofit has access to funds designated by the government for educational consultants. In return, we redirect those funds back to those who deserve them the most......OUR STUDENTS.

The following are guiding principles, values, and character traits that describe who we are, what we believe, and how we behave. It is a combination of who we are today and who we are striving to become.

Peaceful: PEPnonprofit is about people helping and respecting people. We care about improving the overall quality of education and life in the communities we serve.

Positive: Being Positive in our thinking and actions, we tirelessly pursue building stronger schools and communities. Positive and negative thinking are both contagious, therefore, we want to encourage the first option. PEPnonprofit is unwavering and resolute, striving to be a positive force for change.

Patient: Change doesn't happen overnight, but little by little, change can and will occur. Patience is a form of action and we hold ourselves accountable not just for that action, but also for results. We are driven by the commitment to make a real difference in the communities we serve.

Proud and Persevere: PEPnonprofit sets high standards for its conduct; no one person is more important than the cause. We must always be above reproach and persevere, no matter the circumstances. The materials, time, and contributions made through PEPnonprofit are investments in our communities. We are proud to be effective, efficient and good stewards of these investments.

Partner: We understand the importance of being accessible and empathetic to all those we partner with. PEPnonprofit wants to be positively engaged and build lasting partnerships with schools and communities. We believe great results come from working together.

Proactive: We have no desire to be educational consultants or a business. Making money is easy, but making a difference is what is difficult. Being proactive means two things to us; first, to take responsibility for what we do as individuals, and second, to use creativity and persistence to accomplish the objectives at hand.We will not rest on our laurels. The members of PEPnonprofit look for approaches that have not yet been taken. We explore alternatives and seek new ways to address the needs of our students, schools, and communities.

Prompt: PEPnonprofit believe that time is of the essence and we can't wait for someone else to solve our problems. There are a multitude of issues in education today and they are not going to fix themselves; our goal is to be part of the solution and not to perpetuate the problem.